Baidu Launches A Global PowerUp to Improve Peoples Lives With Free Tech.


Baidu Launches A Global PowerUp to Improve Peoples Lives With Free Tech.

In order to help PC and smartphone users around the world, who are looking for a much simpler way to improve their digital lives, Baidu. The world’s leading Chinese search engine and developer of the award-winning PC, Web and mobile products, has recently announced the launching of its global PowerUp campaign.


Starting during May 13th, Baidu PowerUP will be launching off with an online sweepstakes campaign, and will continue until the month of June, where it shall conclude in a live event in selected cities around the world. Baidu PowerUp will also include these following features:

  • A global sweepstakes, in which Baidu will give away technology prizes to deserving people and organizations that are nominated by entrants in the PowerUP contest. Prizes include 20 Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones, 70 Samsung tablets and 10 Asus ultrabook laptops.
  • Offline PowerUP parties in select countries worldwide. The PowerUP parties will include fun games and free giveaways of USB drives and software.
  • Free downloads of Baidu’s award-winning PC software
  • Baidu Antivirus, Baidu PC Faster and Baidu Spark Browser — as well as its Android apps — DU Speed Booster, DU Battery Saver and Baidu Browser.

“At Baidu, we believe that technology can inspire people, help improve their lives, and empower them to accomplish their goals,” said Jeff Becker, Director of International Marketing at Baidu North America. “Through Baidu PowerUP, we want to do our part to help improve people’s digital lives.”

The Works.

For those who want a chance to participate in the Biadu PowerUP campaign, simply visit the official campaign website at provide in this link. They individual may then enter their name and email address for a chance to win a new smartphone, tablet, or ultrabook computer, as well as nominate other people they believe to deserve to win. Baidu’s offline “PowerUp Parties” will also award lucky participants with on the spot giveaways, refreshments and activities.

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