Audi Korea Transforms Their Vehicle Management App.


Audi Korea Transforms Their Vehicle Management App.

Audi Korea has recently announced that they are planning to launch an all newly upgrade version of their customer smartphone application, which has been reportedly said to improved customer convenience. The upgraded application provides “Live-time Emergency Video Support” service for the first time in the automobile industry.


When in emergency, the motorist will be able to receive video consulting from Audi’s customers service center through the smartphone and even receive consulting from an expert technician if they are in desperately in need of one. The car owners will now be able to get a quick and highly accurate feedback on their vehicles during anytime and anyplace.

Additionally, the application will also include useful features such as “parking locations,” which tells the user information on the empty spaces of public parking lots and the ones in national parts that are nearby, utilizing location-based service technology.


“Quick Manual,” which provides key function and operating methods of the car, and “Warranty Service FAQ,” which summarized and shows frequently asked question regarding the vehicle operation, were other new features that have been included to the upgraded version.

Services that have been well received by the customers in the previous version such as “My Car Management” which gives customized car managements advice’s by interlinking the customer service center and application, “Emergency service request,” “Fuel Status” and “Audi News & Events” will be retained in the updated application as well.

Marketing director of Audi Korea, Jorg Dietzel, said,  “The pioneering services of our new customer application reflect our brand slogan “Vorsprung durch Technik” [roughly translates as "advancement through technology"]. We will continue to put our best effort in upgrading service qualities and enhancing our brand value.”

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