, The Secretly Growing Trend In Asia.

0, The Secretly Growing Trend In Asia.

For those who are currently living in Thailand and haven’t heard a peep about, then I suggest you get out from under that rock. This international community platform, which allows people to anonymously ask question to other, has become extremely popular in Thailand over the past week.

The Boom.

Google Trends has noted down that search activity has spiked all of sudden in Thailand in April. Interest has soared globally as well, however the rise is more gradual.

Thai internet idol such as Guszanova VAva and DJ Tan Tanarat were among the few who adopted the platform early on. became so popular that people are beginning to create fake accounts on the site already. Which  unfortunately, has cause a lot of problems for local celebrities, Thai actress Opol Panisara becoming one of said victims. is somewhat similar to that of a social network. people can use the platform mainly to as questions to a community. User aren’t as inhibited in what they ask, while being able to stay anonymous. isn’t exactly a new platform to recently launch, even though its only begun to gain traction as of recently. It was originally founded in Latvia during 2010, and has since gained over 112 million registered users.

The platform shares some similarities with other Q&A sites like Quora. Although, is aiming for the teenage audience. Furthermore, users perceive Qoura as a Q&A version of Wikipedia, while is used for more personal question and answers.

According to, while Asia constitutes less than 10 percent of the site’s main traffic, its become the fastest growing region for the platform. Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, and the Philippines are the top countries within Asia by registered users,


Social networking has become a huge thing in Asia, and especially with Thailand. Include the capability to stay anonymous, and people could have the secret formula to success within these countries. Although, has stated that they can still disclose their real identification if they wish too:

While anonymity is an important element of our service, it is also optional. Users can easily refuse to receive anonymous questions and can choose to ask questions with their real names. With six in ten questions asked anonymously, is a balanced platform of communication.


Although, the anonymity feature has backfired on the company previously. Sometime ago, parents from Florida, have sued due to bullies using the platform to harass teenagers. has a total of 55 employees and an outsourced team of moderators and translators. The site hasn’t done any advertising and has managed to gain its users through the use of word of mouth.

While anonymity seems to be the main factor behind success in Asia, similar application such as Whisper and secret have not become as huge in those regions.


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