Asia’s Biggest Electronic Trade Show, Computex, Will Start On June 3rd In Taiwan


Asia’s Biggest Electronic Trade Show, Computex, Will Start On June 3rd

Computex is one of the Asia’s biggest annual electronic trade show event. Computex can be compared to the CES in the USA that is usually hosted around Las Vegas. This year Computex will be held on June 3rd-June 7th in Taiwan. Most of Asia’s top consumer electronic brands will be there to display their work and show releases.


COMPUTEX TAIPEI is based upon Taiwan’s outstanding ICT edge that offers a complete supply chain and makes the world’s #1 supplier of notebooks, tablet PCs, motherboards, servers, wafer OEMs, LCD monitors, WLAN and PND. The Taiwan story is packed with firms who have successfully shifted from ODM/OEM manufacturing approach to high end tech-intensive expertise.

Some of the companies that will be there include Acer, Microsoft, Intel, Sandisk, Nvidia, and many many more. The event will include brands from over 10 countries. Computex will have everything from data storage hardwares to handheld devices to sensors. One of the most anticipated gadget will be the sensor and wearable devices. We will also be seeing a lot of hardware cloud technology along with 3d printing technology.

Like any other tech showcase conferences, there will be booths that are reserved by the bigger companies. In addition to that, there will be speakers and awards that will be handed out at the event. It’s going to be hard to secure a booth, but nevertheless this is the best place and time of the year to be exposed to the newer technology.

Wearable devices and sensors have been a big hit lately in the technology scene. Most of the big brands are coming out with their own personal bluetooth/sensor device. Most of these type of devices will be showcased in the Nangang Hall (main hall).  International visitors get FREE admission throughout the 5 show days (June 3rd – 7th). Direct online pre-registration can be made right on the website and is strongly recommended to avoid long lines. Hotel is going to be expensive and if your budget does not allow for you to stay the entire 5 day, you can visit the very last day for NT$200.

Computex has an age policy where people who are under 18 years old are not permitted, so don’t bring your kids. Nevetheless, you can secure some good networking at the event. If you want to register for the event or learn more about who is featured at the event check out their main website here:



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