Artworth Becomes The New Leader in Specialized Lighting Industry.


Artworth Becomes The New Leader in Specialized Lighting Industry.

Artworth, the new brand of Hong Lin Hui Technology, will be offering a whole new range of specialized services. In this brand name, the company will be offering every kind of LED bulb and lighting solutions for all the most common applications and even the uncommon ones.

A company official in a recent interview has this to say, “The efficiency of high powered LED lights might surprise you, demonstrating advantages over standard incandescent and halogen bulbs. It is time to make the switch to LED for any application or project, indoors or outdoors. Energy consumption in LED lights amounts to a whopping 90% less than incandescent lamps. Moreover, these have extremely long life. With a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours, you can just install them and forget them. They are remarkable in practicality, combining durability, cool running, lack of hazardous substances, no flickering, and no UV radiation. For visual appeal, LED light fittings offer the best choice. Initial outlay for the fittings may seem costly, but these will provide considerable savings over the long run. LED lights are ideal for theaters, paths, lobbies, auditorium walkways, ground lights, landscapes, flower beds, swimming pools, or decking.”

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Working with the experienced illumination professionals, Artworth confidently offers services that cover every kind of illumination project. Their experts stand ready to provide the best service and the best quality products to satisfy all illumination needs.

“Artworth manufactures specialty lighting products for homes and offices, which are heat and water resistant. Our high-end lighting solutions come with the perfect finishing touch and flawless design. Whatever your lighting needs may be, we customize our services according to your specifications in such a way that your room looks its best. Give us a call and our professional designers with several years of experience in specialty lighting industry, will help you illuminate your room with lights which are brighter, cooler, and easier to install,” further added the official.

No matter whether the client is looking for speciality lighting, decorative lighting, 3D printed lighting or even outdoor landscape lighting, (Landing Page) Artworth has the solution and is glad to work with any client to customize an appropriate lighting setup. The Artworth professionals are equally comfortable designing standard solutions and very creative, specialized designs as per the needs of customers.

HVH LED Lighting

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