AppZero Signs Master Distribution Agreement with SoftBank.


AppZero Signs Master Distribution Agreement with SoftBank.

AppZero, the fastest, most flexible way to move server applications, announced today it has appointed SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp., Japan’s top IT Technology distributor, to be a Master Distribution Partner.


The agreement is part of a worldwide channel strategy implemented by AppZero to ensure comprehensive global coverage of its award-winning application migration software in the run-up to Windows Server 2003 (WS2003) end of support.Microsoft recommends AppZero Enterprise for application migration for various applications from Windows Server 2003 to either Windows Server 2012 or Windows Azure.

“AppZero has a very exciting technology which will be instrumental in our many WS2003 migrations happening during this year prior to the End of Support of Windows Server 2003,” said Shoichi Takase, ICT Unit Head. ”We are pleased to be AppZero’s Master Distributor in Japan of this unique technology.”


SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp. recently launched the “SoftBank C & S Server Migration Center,” which provides migration services to move customers’ applications from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012 using AppZero. It also offers centralized software, hardware and security procurement.

“We are very pleased to have SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp. representing AppZero in Japan,” said Greg O’Connor, AppZero CEO. “With the end of support for WS 2003 approaching, SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp. will fulfill the growing demand for AppZero migration software in this important market.”

The partnership with SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp. will continue to increase AppZero’s global presence, as the July 14, 2015 deadline for the end of support for WS2003 approaches. Enterprises around the world are gearing up to move their Windows production applications onto newer operating systems and/or to the Cloud in order to remain compliant and ensure they are running their applications on a supported platform. AppZero is the only product on the market that can “up-level” Windows server applications onto newer operating systems.

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