Apple’s iTunes Match Has Recently Launched In Japan.


Apple’s iTunes Match Has Recently Launched In Japan.

Apple has recently announced the launching of its iTunes Match service within Japan and shall be accessed for a subscription that totals up to ¥3,980 per year, according to information found on the iTunes Match availability Web Page.


This move comes right behind the launches of iTunes Match for a huge list of European countries during the pass December; during that time, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden had gained access to the service.

Although, for the current moment, the launch of iTunes Match for Japan continues to see Apple’s international customer base pay for a higher premium price for the service. While it may be priced for a total of $24.99 within the United States, current exchange rates means Japanese recently launched  ¥3,980  iTunes Match Cost iOS device for users in the country around $39 per year

Apple’s iTunes Radio, on other hand, has as of yet to launch in a grandiose amount of numbers within its international territories, though the service has made recent, if temporary appearances within Ecuador, the United Kingdom, and Canada. At the current moment, the free iTunes Radio can be accessed within the United States and Australia only.


Japan is has continued to prove to be and increasing important marketing asset for Apple, Although, Strong sales for the iPhone 5s Have recently seen Cupertino’s share of Japan’s smartphone market increase, and iPads are continuing to prove to be just as popular in the country, and are currently dominating the tablet market in Japan.

Makes one wonder if its possible for the iTunes Match to expand towards other Asian countries, with Vietnam recently showing an increasing interest for Apple Products and other countries steadily climbing the ranks in Apple purchases as well.

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