Apple Request For A Retrial Against Samsung To Drain Even More of Its Money.


Apple Request For A Retrial Against Samsung To Drain Even More of Its Money.

It seems that Apple is highly satisfied with its recent trail against Samsung Electronics, as the iOS device creator has recently requested a retail in order to attempt to increase the damages done to the Korea-based company has to pay as well as possibly to halt any sales Samsung currently has going on with in the U.S.

Court Case.

Earlier within this month, the court had ruled that Samsung was had to pay Apple a total amount of US$11.6 Million dollars in damages for infringing on its patents after a very long court battle that had shown both companies to blame each other for infringing upon their respective patents.

Although from what this recent new is showing, is that Apple is certainly not happy with these results. Originally, the company had been set out to get a hold of over 2.2 Billion dollars, and is trying to pursue for even more, asking for a total of up to $3.2 Billion as well as $6.4 Million in interest. The company has also stated to want a $11,040 of interest from Samsung for every day that passes until the judgement has been ruled to be in its own favors.

Apple has stated in its request for a retrial that Samsung  “internal development documents reflected its deliberate strategy of copying hundreds of software features from theiPhone, including Apple’s patented “slide to unlock” technology, in order to make Samsung’s own products more competitive.”

Extra detailed information can be read in just what Apple wishes for in the provided link here, although it seems likely that Apple hasn’t seen the ending of its court days with Samsung for the time being.

You can read all the juicy details on just what Apple wants here, but it seems likely Apple hasn’t seen its last day in court with Samsung yet.

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