Apple iOS 8 Launches A Greatly Improved Maps For China User.


Apple iOS 8 Launches A Greatly Improved Maps For China User.

Apple has recently announced that it would be making some significant changes on its mapping services based in China, nearly 18 months after having successfully launched its product. Apple Maps has gained some negative feedback around world after its initial release back in 2012, but the bugs and issues were some of the most prominent within china.


Even so, Apple hopes that the problems will soon be placed behind them. Speaking during the company’s annual WWDC event. Craig Federighi, Apple SVP of software engineering, stated that the new iOS 8 mobile platform would also include “greatly improved maps” China, which include the release of vector maps within the country for the very first time.

Maps is an highly intensive space within China, and it’s not surprising that Apple would decide to make some major improvements. Alibaba spent over $1 billion purchasing Autonavi, the software that powers Apple Maps, and it has plans to turn the mapping experience into something to that of a browser, with link to its e-commerce empire. In order to not be outdone, fierce competitors Tecent acquire over 10 percent of NavInfo for $187 million, as it comes along with better mapping for its popular WeChat application.


Apple is increasing its efforts on alluring over new users within China, especially after it had finally manage to secure a partnership to offer its devices through China Mobile, the world’s largest operator.

Apple’s very own CEO Tim Cook revealed that over half of the iOS devices purchased in China during the past 12 months were sold to customers who had switched over from Android. Apple included more features to boost its local appeal, iOS 8 shall also include support for the lunar calendar, while Apple claims user will continue to see improvement on local whether data and much better Chinese language input.

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