APNA GHAR Announces the Opening of the First Home Care Agency.


APNA GHAR Announces the Opening of the First Home Care Agency.

APNA GHAR, a company dedicated to providing non-medical services to elderly immigrants of the Southeast Asian community, announces that it is now providing its services to the elderly population of southeast Michigan, focused on the people who have previously immigrated from India or Pakistan. The company is proud to be the only non-medical home care agency to address the issues facing the elderly Southeast Asian community.


The services APNA GHAR provides includes transportation to and from grocery stores, religious services, pharmacies, parks, and any other places where the elderly need to travel. The company also holds regular events which focus on providing tips on maintaining physical, mental, and emotional health. From giving the elderly with Indian and Pakistani descent a travel companion, to finding care for the elderly, APNA GHAR is prepared to meet the needs of the elderly population in Southeast Michigan.

“My parents came to this country in the late sixties, early seventies as with many immigrants. They made a life for themselves in America and became an integral part of their community. They had kids here who went to college in America. They are living the American dream. I am sure many of them have wanted to go back to their respective countries and retire; however, due to the circumstances in their countries, many of them cannot go back to their countries, as many of them are now war torn. Some do not have a country to go back to. Many have grown accustomed to the lifestyle here in America, and many cannot adjust in their former homelands. Their children and grandchildren are now here in America. Where does she or he retire, and how can one make that dream of incorporating things from their homeland? That is where APNA GHAR LLC comes in. We can make it happen. We can make this transition seamless,” says a spokesperson from APNA GHAR.

“The other part of this story deals with the recent immigrant. One of the greatest things about this country is that once you become a citizen, you can sponsor your parent and siblings. Many people sponsor their parents so they can live their last years in a comfortable and secure environment. However, when their parents come to the United States elderly have a hard time adjusting to their new environment. Again APNA GHAR can help meet their needs as well,” continues the spokesperson.

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