Amobee Purchases Adconion and Kontera For A Total of $359M.


Amobee Purchases Adconion and Kontera For A Total of $359M. 

Digital marketing firm Amobee, which was previously acquired by Singtel sometime during 2012 for a total of $321 million, has recently announced that it has manage to acquire two companies for a total of $359 million.


Amobee is purchasing cross-channel digital advertising from Adconion for a valuation of up to $235 million, with a consideration payble o up to $209 excluding devt. During the exact time, it’s also taking over data analytics firm Kontera for up to $150 million.

Both of these companies shall be fully integrated into Amobee.

Amobee very own CEO mark Strecker stated that these two firms shall be joining up its stable, the company seeks to be one-stop place for digital markets who can be able to not only advertise across multiple channels and screens now, but also analyse their data far more effectively.

Amobee shall so be purchasing over 18 patents that belong to Kontera.

Singtel Digital life CEO and Amobee Chairman, Allen Lew stated that as the world is changing towards mobile internet, the carriers profits are coming more from the emerging markets, and it wants to ensure that Amobee gets to scale and is present in the fornt of many advertisers as they possible can as even more people gain access to mobile devices in these markets.


At the moment, the company is taking up over 10 percent share of total digital advertisement spend on mobile display advertising across the world. Strecker stated recently that brands have focused upon simplifying advertising though SMS in emerging markets, such as Indonesia because of the presence of much more basic mobile device, but now as the price point of smartphones continue to become much more affordable, Amobee aims to step in to provide a much more fulfilling experience.

Lew stated he believes as mobile increases in its importance, Amobee needs to prepare itself with the abilities to deliver the potential of mobile advertising, and data analytics is the main importance for Amobee to differentiate itself in mobile and target customers with real-time ads.

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