Allied Telesis,Inc. Agrees to Stop Importing Products with Spansion’s Devices.


Allied Telesis,Inc. Agrees to Stop Importing Products with Spansion’s Devices.

Macronix International Co., Ltd.  and Macronix America, Inc., global leaders in non-volatile memory solutions, announced that Allied Telesis, Inc., one of the respondents in a pending U.S. International Trade Commission (“ITC”) patent litigation that Macronix filed against Spansion and certain Spansion customers, agreed to a consent order committing Allied Telesis to cease all U.S. imports of products containing Spansion devices under investigation by the ITC.


Macronix has filed patent infringement complaints against Spansion and certain of its customers involving Spansion’s non-volatile memory devices, including microcontroller units and flash memories. Macronix has taken this step to address Spansion’s widespread infringement of Macronix’s patent rights as well as the infringement that arises when Spansion’s customers import products containing infringing Spansion’s devices into the U.S.

Recently, Allied Telesis stipulated to an ITC consent order, in which Allied Telesis acknowledged the validity of Macronix’s patent claims at issue in proceedings involving the consent order. As a result, upon ITC’s approval, the stipulated consent order prohibits Allied Telesis from importing into the U.S. or selling in the U.S. after importation any product containing infringing Spansion devices.

“We are glad to see that Allied Telesis acknowledged the strength of Macronix’s patent claims as shown by its stipulation for entry of an ITC consent order. This action demonstrates that Spansion’s customers are losing confidence in Spansion in the face of Macronix’s strong intellectual property,” said Arthur Yang, President of Macronix America, Inc.

Allied Telesis.

Allied Telesis, headquartered in Japan, is a leading provider of networking infrastructure and flexible, interoperable network solutions. With more than 2000 employees worldwide, the Company provides video, voice, and data network solutions to global clients in multiple markets including government, healthcare, defense, education, retail, hospitality, and network service providers.

As always, Macronix is confident in its long connections with Silicon Valley, its technology, and the strength of its valuable intellectual properties. Macronix was first founded in Silicon Valley in 1984 to research, develop, and manufacture state of the art non-volatile memory devices. With headquarters in Taiwan, Macronix has heavily invested in developing cutting-edge non-volatile memory technology, dedicating nearly 10-15% of its annual revenue in R&D. As a result of those investments, Macronix has been granted more than 5,500 patents world-wide and over 2,100 in the United States. Macronix’s advanced technical papers have been continuously selected by important international meetings such as IEDM and ISSCC, and is well recognized as a leading company that delivers high-quality, innovative and performance driven products to its customers in the consumer, communication, computing, automotive, networking, and other market segments.

Macronix believes in the merits of its ITC proceedings against Spansion and will continue to enforce its rights against companies, like Spansion, that infringe Macronix intellectual property rights and unlawfully interfere with its business relationship with others. Macronix is confident that the ITC Administrative Law Judge’s determination in the first ITC investigation, with the determination expected in early 2015, will vindicate Macronix’s compelling position and strong patents.

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