Alibaba’s First US Retail Site 11 Main Has Finally Launched For Shoppers.


Alibaba’s First US Retail Site 11 Main Has Finally Launched For Shoppers.

Chinese giant e-commerce giant Alibaba has recently opened up their very first direct-to-consumer online stores to shoppers in the US, after previously launched it in beta during the past month for only selected users. The US retail store is being rand by two Alibaba affiliates based in the US, those being Vendio and Activa.

11 Main.

Although, in order to be a part of 11 Main’s exclusivity, interested individuals must firstly request an invitation in order to being shopping on their site.

11 Main was inspired by the Main Street shopping experience that can be found all over the US, and it main objective is to connect online shoppers with a ” hand selected collection of shops and boutiques carrying items that help express one’s personal style” through its invite-only marketplace.

With this process, although the mechanics that make up the site, connection brands to consumers directly, is somewhat similar to that of Alibaba’s successful Taobao Alibaba’s very first US retail site 11 Main in currently opened wide for shoppers, although its also invitation as well, this approach is quite unique, given that Taobao welcomes anyone and everyone to shop in and extremely crowded online space.

Alibaba continues to churn out some exciting news as the months continue to pass by, with its recent news announcing their association for their IPO to be with The New York Stock Exchange as their choice, and of course, the ongoing flow of news of them gaining even more footholds on all sorts of spaces and business, so as to increase their portfolio and make themselves look even more appealing before their grand debut at the NYSE during August.

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