Alibaba Signs a Deal With Lionsgate to Further Expand Its digital Entertainment.


Alibaba Signs a Deal With Lionsgate to Further Expand Its digital Entertainment.

Chinese giant e-commerce Alibaba has just further increase its digital entertainment stockpile by signing a deal with Lionsgate to bring Hollywood blockbuster to audiences living in China.


The two companies announced recently that they are partnering up to launch Lionsgate Entertainment World, a subscription streaming service for mainland China that shall be exclusive to owners of Alibaba’s latest set-top box. This will allow users to gain access to films such as the first installment of Divergent franchise, several titles from the Twilight Saga, as well as TV series including Nashville, Mad Men and Weeds.

This service is expected to make its gran debut in August, and will subsequently be continuously updated after launching to include additional films titles such as The Hunger Game series. It shall stream in high quality resolution (full HD) and offer content recommendations based on curation and algorithms.

Furthermore, the new service shall also have Alibaba subscribers gain access for exclusive behind-the-scene footage and VIP membership benefits such as screening invitation and special merchandise.

Other than the mass benefits for Alibaba, this deal also gives Lionsgate a much more wider range into the vast mainland Chinese market.

“The Lionsgate Entertainment World service will be distinguished not only by the breadth and depth of our content portfolio but our commitment to provide Chinese consumers with first run films, television shows and behind-the-scenes experiences that aren’t available anywhere else in China,” Lionsgate’s president of worldwide television and digital distribution, Jim Packer, and the company’s co-chief operating officer Brian Goldsmith said.


Its been pretty well known for some time that Alibaba wanted to further branch out into the digital entertainment, during March it spent $804 million for a majority stake in ChinaVision Media Group, a Hong Kong firm specializing in TV and film production. This came right after it moved into the mobile games, developed its own smart TV operating system, and acquired social music-streaming service Xiami during the previous year.

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