Alibaba Recent Hand In Helping Merchants With Online Advertisement.


Alibaba Recent Hand In Helping Merchants With Online Advertisement.

Advertising on the television is not only such an outdated method, but far to troublesome to even bother trying out. As of recently, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has decided to takes steps towards online video viewers instead.

Online videos.

The company has recently announced that it shall begin to integrate advertisements from merchants on both its shopping platform, Taobao and Tmall, within online videos on selected amount of video sites, as it continues to find different ways on keeping its audience members captivated by continuously increasing the amount of content they consumed on their mobile devices and PCs.

The online video sites that Alibaba has tied up with also include popular sites as Youku Tudou, which has been stated to be the Chinese version of YouTube. This comes right after Alibaba dumped $1.2 billion into it during the previous. Beginning next month, Taobao and Tmall retailers can bid for space in popular online videos through Alibaba’s online marketing platform, Alimama. They choose to either place an image or video spots for their advertisement.

Mass Targeting.

Senior Director of Alimama, Zheng Rongqing, said in a statement that this move will help retailers gain a better chance in targeting their potential customers in the much lower-tiered cities, who may not even have their own Television sets, but are consuming content through the digital space. This will in turn help out Alibaba gain much more potential online shoppers, which would be nothing  positive for its growth prospects in the upcoming and most anticipated IPO to come out during this year, one that’s been said to surpass even that of Facebook’s own IPO during 2012.

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