Alibaba Partner Up With ShopRunner to launch In China


Alibaba Partner Up With ShopRunner to launch In China

In an attempt to go  have a go against ShopRunner had recently announced that it would be partnering up with Alibaba in order to offer U.S. retailers a window into the Chinese market. This could possible lead towards Amazon receiving some financial pains or make is simple even more difficult into moving towards China Market.

Team up.

ShopRunner shall utilizing Alibaba’s U.S.-based logistics infrastructure to launch into China later within the year, according to FIona Dias, ShopRunner’s Chief Strategy Officer. ShopRunner differs from Amazon due to it acting as a portal for the retailers own website rather then acting as a destination in which smaller sellers can easily integrate into. F0r example, Searching on Lands End to purchase a Tote Bag bring the user to an item sold by Emuna Gifts rather than the Lands End store itself. Basically, ShopRunner is delivery such as UPS than a marketplace but it competes against components made up of Amazon.


ShopRunner had made its way towards headlines earlier in the year when it managed to respond to Amazon’s $20 price increase by offering a free year of two-day shipping for Amazon Prime subscribers who are looking to try out its services. This offer appeared front page of ShopRunner main website:” Enjoy 1 year of unlimited free 2-day shipping, compliments of ShopRunner.”

At the moment, ShopRunner has partnered up with over 91 stores, each one contained a wide variety of products available to the industry that run the range customers would normally find in an upscale mall. From Apparel, Accessories, Technology, Sporting Goods, and Toys, among other items. This service would be a way for U.S retailers to a foothold on one of the second largest economy at low cost and low risk investment. Retailers would not have to manage the distribution or shipping issues.

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