Alibaba Launches Their Beta For 11 Main E-commerce Site In The US.


Alibaba Launches Their Beta For 11 Main E-commerce Site In The US.

Alibaba is really hard at work this week. With the recent purchase of browser-developer UCWeb in what has been claimed to be one of China’s largest tech acquisition, the company has launched its first direct-to-consumer online store for the US.


11 Main is a subject that we had manage to report on a while back, with the US retail store being ran by two of Alibaba affiliates in the US, Vendio and Auctiva, and as of today, oped their beta to a selected amount of users. This site connects retail brands that spread through a variety of categories with consumer using similar mechanics as Alibaba’s hugely success T-Mall business from China.

Apparently, retailers are left to manage the details of their store, meaning that they are complete responsible for the pricing the goods, handling logistics and other process with the exception of payments, The site does not accept payment through the use of Aliplay, Alibaba’s affiliated payment platform, but it may be possible for this to change sometime in the future, and whether there are any other synergy with T-Mall and other Alibaba businesses.

11 Main.

Mike Effle, the general manage for 11 Main, has spoke to the Financial Times this week stating that this site is “really inspired by the Main Street experience.” Effle says 11 main is hand picking the retailer that shall appear on the site, initially at least, to include some exclusivity.

While 11 Main is Alibaba first consumer business created for the US, the company has offered its AliExpress services in the overseas market, this also includes the US, for sometime. It’s also made a series of investment into US-based tech company, which include participation in Lyft’s most recent $250 million funding round, and taking lead of the chat application company’s Tango recent most $280 funding.

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