Alibaba Inks a Deal with China Post For Quicker Delivery.


Alibaba Inks a Deal with China Post For Quicker Delivery.

China’s popular E-commerce company, Alibaba Group, has recently inked a deal with China’s largest postal service provider during Thursday, in its latest move to strengthen its logistics arm before the e-commerce giant is listed down in the United States.

China Post.

Alibaba founder and chairman Jackma and China Post’s general manager Li Guoha signed a framework deal in Beijing with the ambition of delivering its online purchases to many places in the country within 24 hours.

The companies plan to share warehouses, processing centers and delivery resources, aming towards developing a smart logistics network providing much easier and faster deliver service for online sellers.

With its foothold on e-commerce big data and Internet technology, Alibaba is in high hopes of being able to expand its reach to third and fourth-tier cities and even the countryside with the help of China Post’s offices in rural areas.

The deal between these two parties have yet to be disclosed.


As the parent company of China’s largest consumer-to-consumer portal, Alibaba has a large need for delivering online purchases. Ma founded the Rookie Network Technology Co., LTD during the past May to start Alibabas own logistics services. 

Rookie has manage to allure investment from some major delivery companies, which includes Shentong Express, ZTO Express and YTO Express.

As Alibaba is set to sell shares in the U.S. stock market, the company has been actively expanding its business outside of China so as to boost its international portfolio.

During the previous month, Alibaba had spent over 249 million U.S. dollars on a 10.35 percent stake on Singapore Post Ltd, a leading provider of e-commerce logistics service in southeast Asia.

This recent deal has also illustrated Ma’s global ambition as Alibaba is considering internation deliveries through the use of China Post’s digital logistics network.

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