AlarmMon Wants To Help You Wake Up In A Unique Way


AlarmMon Wants To Help You Wake Up In A Unique Way

How many different alarm clocks do you have to set to wake yourself up in the morning? How many different apps do you have on your phone that is “suppose” to wake you up. Waking up is hard and feeling grumpy after you wake up is even worse. AlarmMon is a Korean based mobile app startup that created an alarm app that’s suppose to help you get out of the bed.

AlarmMon is created by a Korean based company called MalangStudios. AlarmMon was built around cute characters that look similar to the LINE instant messaging pictures. AlarmMon gives regular users a “cute interface” kind of feeling. As soon as you open the alarm app, you will notice that there is a simple and cute interface. Traditionally, the regular alarm apps have a terrible and plain interface, but this alarm app has an elegant one. It doesn’t look messy and you can tell right away it is an alarm app.


The app implements a unique way to wake you up. For example, when I was testing the app, I created a custom cute looking sheep that woke me up by forcing me to play a game where I had to drag a cheese looking type of object into a basket. The alarm will keep ringing until you have completed the mission. AlarmMon is fully customizable, meaning that you can choose your own characters, in my case it was the sheep, and you can also set custom sounds and games. The sounds that come from the alarm isn’t a typical annoying siren sound, instead it consist a bunch of gaming sounds that you can choose from that will freshen up your day. Here’s a demo video of how the app works:

When you finish playing the games, the alarm will automatically go off and a display will pop up telling you how long it took for you to finish the game. After trying out most of the characters, I realize that the rooster one is the most annoying. Basically, a rooster continues to make annoying noises in the background until you have completed the egg game. The graphics of this alarm app is awesome and definitely worth a try. Another cool thing about the app is the alarm history and weather function. The app will track your waking up habits based on the time you wake up and the time you take to complete the games. In addition it will also show you the weather in the history page so you know if weather is effecting your wakeup habit in anyway.

As of now AlarmMon is available worldwide and can be downloaded directly from the playstore. As of today, it has more than 900 million downloads worldwide and many people claims that it helps them wake up feeling better. The app first launched in 2012 and have been doing well ever since. Malang studios have plans to expand their monetization strategy. The Korean company is planning to work with mobile advertising companies to add better looking monetization to their platform. Most of their monetization come from ads after you finish playing the game.


Companies like Hello Kitty and Lava are currently working together with Alarmmon to integrate their brand into the app itself. Alarmmon is also currently working with another mobile gaming company to improve their simple gaming platform that they use for waking people up.

Check out their company website for more information:

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