AhnLabs Release Their” Personal PC Doctor” Gift Cards.


AhnLabs Release Their” Personal PC Doctor” Gift Cards. 

A Software protection solution was recently place in stock for sale throughout the brick-and-mortar stores as a form of a gift card, thus grabbing the attention of may tech purchases sights.

Gift Cards.

Korea’s leading computer security company, AhnLab, has recently announced that they have decided to begin to sell gift cards for “Personal PC Doctor,” the remote computer and smartphone management service, at HomePlus stores, one of the major discount retailer that make up Korea, all over the nation.

“Personal PC Doctoer” is a service that provides the user a desktop computer management, virus check-up and  solution to the system delays for individual computer users by connecting them with experts remotely.

The software is the very first to every be sold in the form of a gift card when it comes down to the online security industry and can be immediately be put to good use after the card number, which has been printed on the backside of the gift card. is printed onto the company’s website.


Until recently, the security program was previously available only to those who were subscribers, as it could only be purchased through the their main Website, but with this recent method of gift cards, the purchasing has become a much easier and simpler process while the solution can be given to friends and family as a gift.

An official at AhnLab said, “The release of the gift card will enhance customer’s convenience in resolving various computer and smartphone problems.” 

This interesting selling method could lead towards an increase of revenue for the company, especially with the resent surging of computer virus and other problems that tend to crop up for every day computer. A simple and effective way to help those whoa aren’t computer savvy like most other.

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