AhnLab Launches Their Portable Smartphone Battery Chargers.


AhnLab Launches Their Portable Smartphone Battery Chargers.

An all new battery charger pack was introduced allowing the users to continue to utilize technology devices such as tablets PC and smartphones without worrying about dead batteries while enjoying their vacations.

Battery Charger.

An Internet security provider, AhnLab, launched two models of a large battery charging pack series “MyB.” comprised of over 5,200-mAh and 10,400-mAh Products, the MyB Series can recharge the smartphones 2 to 5 times faster and allows the user to enjoy their mobile devices for a much more longer time even when they are utilizing the battery power-guzzling application such as games, videos internet surfing and car navigators.

Containing over two USB ports, the MyB series can recharges two devices at the same time and with its large output design, it recharges much faster while charging with general electric outlets.

Aside from that, with its safety features of MyCom engine which prevents overcharge, overload, over-discharge and short circuit, it can protect the smart devices from a possible explosion. By being equipped with the Samsung SDI’s lithium-ion battery cell, it’s improved the effectiveness.


The MyB can be used not only with smartphone such as the iPhone 5S, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, but along with a variety of electronic devices such as table PCs, digital cameras and Bluetooth earphones. With the LED display, user can easily see the condition of the battery pack such as remained battery power and recharging status.

Arriving with this features, the MyB products be utilized as an LED flash light while picnicking or camping outdoors. Currently it’s also available on Internet open markets and AhnLab plans to sell the product through social commerce sites and the AhnLab mall sometime in coming future.

An official at AhnLab said, “As the usage of smart devices increases, the demand for portable battery rechargers is also rising. AhnLab will provide more consumer products to offer more customer convenience.”

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