Adways Rolls Out Its App Pre-registration Service In Korea.


Adways Rolls Out Its App Pre-registration Service In Korea.

The subsidiary of Tokyo-based Adways Inc, Adways Korea, has recently announced the official launching of its its Yoyaku Top 10 services in Korea. This new service shall allow users to pre-register for mobile gaming applications, has been available in Korea in its beta phase since January. For the developers, this shall serve as a medium that will allow them to reach out towards teir fans before the launch of an application, or even provide a push notification for new updates or events.

Positive Reaction.

During the three month long beta, the services has been used by over 150 application from 50 different developers, with as man as 10,000 pre-registration coming from a single application. The company has claimed to have a 56% conversion rate, which they have stated to be far much better than PC-based pre-registration services.

YoYaku Top 10 was initially launched for the Japanese market during January of 2013, and Adways is apparently experienced enough success with it to warrant localization into Korean to explore that market.

After Korea, the company has plans of expanding their service towards other places in Asia. Such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Taiwan.


Expansion towards these countries could be proven quite fruitful for the services especially in places where the mobile gaming industry is picking up an incredible growth. Both Vientnam and China have been showing increasing interest in the mobile gaming industry themselves.

Vietnam has seen a recent boast of gaming developers pop up in the capital city of Hanoi. With the recent success of Flappy bird from Dong Nguyen, many developers have been opening their publishing business in the capital city as well, hoping to create a game just as successful as flappy bird and become the next hyped thing to hit the world.

China has a huge mobile gaming following as well, with its large amounts of people living within the country and the number of mobile phone owners increasing everyday. With Yoyaku top ten service will definitely  benefit them by allowing the Chinese gaming community keep up with all of their favorite developers.

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