Actcat Launches SideCI, An Automated Platform That Reviews Code on GitHub.


Actcat Launches SideCI, An Automated Platform That Reviews Code on GitHub.

A Tokyo-based software development company by the name of  Actcat has recently announced that it has managed to launch a source code review and bug detection platform that’s been dubbed as SideCI.


This platform provides a continuous integration service who’s main objective is reducing time-consuming work for system developers. The service can review a given Ruby on Rails project that is placed under development of GitHub,by  detecting security holes, pointing out any areas that may or do contain some sort of bug, and detects libraries that in highly  in need of updating.

When the users pushes the source code into a Github repository, SideCI will be able to review said placed source code, automatically. By utilizing the provided dashboard, users will be able to simply and easily discover on how many discrepancies they have addressed and how many more still remain unchecked.

The team is planning to include a testing and deployment features, as well as support for programming languages other than its currently limit of sticking with Ruby. They attended the pitch session that was held at the TechCrunch Tokyo 2013, along with the sixth batch of Incubate Fund’s development camp program.


The company is most likely to be better known for having managed to developed plenty of web services and mobile application that are ranged around programming languages and for a variety of platforms. They have planed to use these experiences to improve upon the platform to better serve future developers.

This little software can definitely be a huge help for many coders and programmer out their alike, especially those who have recently managed to throw themselves into this subject and are still learning to utilize coding to its full effectiveness. While the one problem may be its current use only fit for Ruby, they have luckily, planned to add more languages in the near future.

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