Acer Announces Its Very First Wearable Smart Band,Liquid Leap.


Acer Announces Its Very First Wearable Smart Band,Liquid Leap.

Acer has recently announced its latest production line which includes a smart band that can track fitness activities named Liquid Leap and a pair of smartphones.The company decided to stay silent on the details behind the Leap other than that its 17mm wide and shall become available in limited markets as a bundle with its newest flagship smartphone, the 5-inch Liquid Jade. Both the Liquid Leap and Jade are expected to launch sometime during the late July or early August, with no immediate plans to enter within the U.S. market.

liquid leap Acer announces Liquid Leap, its first wearable smart band

Acer will also be expanding upon its E series notebook range the E14 and E15, complete with optional touchscreen functionality. The 15-inch notebooks come with a limit of seven hours of batter life and gesture-controlled touchpad. The Acer Aspire E14 and E15 are available in six colors.

The line will also include the Aspire E11 for those who wish for a more portable, 11.6-inch counterpart. The E14 and E15 start at $299, the E11 will be priced at $269 an al three will become available within the U.S, Europe, Middle East, and Asia during June.


Further including to the notebooks, Acer showcased its Iconia Tab 7, a quad-core tablet with voice, HD IPS display, an 3G connectivity, Acer had also announced the Iconia One 7 with HD IPS display, Intel Dual-Core CPU, dual speakers and various color option, much like the Aspire E14 and E15. The Iconia Tab 7 will become available sometime during mid-May in Europan and Asia, while the Iconia One 7 comes to the U.S near the end of June.

This lineup shall expand on Acer’s already existing budget product line, which includes a touchscreen Chromebook C720 and the Iconia A1 and B1 tablets.

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