Ace Fishing Garners A Total of 11 Million Downloads Worldwide.


Ace Fishing Garners A Total of 11 Million Downloads Worldwide.

Since officially launched in the mobile gaming market, the fishing series known as Ace Fishing has continued to garner some positive results from its on home-based country of Korea.


The publishers behind this game, Com2uS, has recently decided to unveil its current statues by stating that the game has manages to receive over 11 million downloads, since its initial launching back during March. The game had managed to rank within the top 10 on both the Google Play store and Apple’s own App Store within 69 different countries. Around 9- percent of its main revenue has come from outside its own home country of Korea.

The total amount of downloads for the U.S. mobile market download for Ace Fishing games have totaled up to 1.2 million, Its china that has managed to gain the top percentage of downloads with a grand slamming 3 million downloads. European countries such as France, Germany, and Italy have also managed to generate a download of over 1 million each. These states have reinforced the recent positive belief of China and their connects with free-to-play games.

Com2us has also pointed out the fact that Hong Kong has managed to garner over 700,000 downloads, which is considered to be an impressive number in such a small sized location, with daily active user counts reaching over 200,000, making the series a really popular title there.


The Korean gaming publisher stated that this aforementioned data has showcased the company’s development capability and its global operation skills. While these comes of as great, the real question they should be asking themselves is how do they plan to keep its mobile gaming from sinking during the coming years.

Their response? “For plans of 2014, we are preparing an integration platform of [the company]and Gamevil, which acquired around 20 per cent shares and management rights”.

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