AbraResto Expands Its Services Towards The City of Bandung.


AbraResto Expands Its Services Towards The City of Bandung.

Indonesia is very well known for its delicious delicacies, and its really amazing to know that there are more startups popping up to showcase the country’s culinary potential online. One of these many recent companies to appear is a food directory by the name of AbraResto, has recently revealed that it has expanded it services towards to Bandung. The website starts off with 4,000 restaurant and early listing for that particular city, which reaches the total number of entries on its database pass the 40,000 count.

Views and Reviews.

AbraResto stated that it has grown at a incredible place since the previous year, averaging over 182 percent month-on-month growth since 2014. At the moment, the starup has recorded over 1.2 million monthly page-views, with more than 8,000 reviews and ratings submitted by users so far.

Aside from the searching for dinner information, AbraResto users can also follow other food lovers in order to receive their recommendations, kinda similar to that of India-based Zomato has decided to do as of recently.

Bandung is a popular food destination in Indonesia, and a lot of Jakarta residents tend to travel there during the weekends just to get a taste of some of their favorite dishes.

CEO of AbraRestro, Ankur Mehrotra, Who’s previous experience was working in the banking industry, stated:

With the launch in Bandung, residents and travelers alike now have easy access to information about all the top food spots in town. Whether you are a traveller or a local, in a culinary heaven like Bandung, there is always more to explore.


Competition in Indonesia’s restaurant searching spaces is very fierce. Abraresto has to take on competitors such as, Qraved, OpenRice, IndoTable, and MakanLuar. AbraResto’s recent funding of $1.5 million will most definitely become really useful when it comes down to its growth against competitors.

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