9Game.com Launches New Mobile-Compatible Homepage.


 9Game.com Launches New Mobile-Compatible Homepage.

9Game, the largest mobile game market platform in India, recently announced the launch of its new homepage. The website’s new page is smartphone-friendly and has been revamped in a way that is easier for smartphone users to load and navigate.


According to a representative of the website, this means that users can better experience the website. When loaded on a smartphone, users can see every game clearly listed by category. All of 9Game.com’s Android games include icons for easy identification, a rating for popularity, and a listing so that users can determine what type of game it is.

Additionally, 9Game.com’s revamp also meant that games are organized into categories. For example, three of the website’s top categories are “Can’t Miss,” which lists some of the most popular games on the Android market; “Now Free,” which includes games that users previously had to pay for but are now available at no cost to the downloader; and “Price Drop,” which includes games that are now available at a reduced price. Swiping to the left permits users to switch categories easily.

Other categories include the Top, Type, and Cool listings. The “Top” lists indicate the hottest, newest, and best games on the Android game store. The “Type” group lets gamers sort games by their casual, action, or RPG characteristics. Lastly, the “Cool” section is comprised of miscellaneous games that are favored at the moment, such as the Editor’s Choice for Game of the Week.


9Game.com is entirely searchable using the bar available at the top of the page. Visitors are encouraged to use the website’s search feature to find the mobile games that they are looking for. 9Game.com also welcomes feedback about its site from users.

Individuals interested in learning more about 9Game.com and its collection of Android games can visit the website for additional information. Gamers are also welcome to contact 9Game.com with questions via email and follow the website’s updates on Facebook.

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