8pip Rolls Out Bitcoin Prepaid Card To Make it More Attainable to The Public.


8pip Rolls Out Bitcoin Prepaid Card To Make it More Attainable to The Public.

A while back, Singapore Bitcoin payments system startup Coinpip had purchased a US-based 37coins SMS bitcoin wallet to Singapore in order to make it much easier for Bitcoin transaction for the public. Recently, the Singapore-based startup 8pip wants to go further and beyond by introducing what it’s been claiming as the world’s very first Bitcoin prepaid cards. The team will then launch the cards at Startup Asia Singapore 2014 during May 7, as well at Singapore’s first BOOST:Bitcoin event, an event that aimed towards promoting and celeberating the use of cryptocurrencies.


Affiliated with the company known as Coinpip, 8pip’s bitcoin prepard cards will allow customers to obtain bitcoin by purchasing physical cards, and then redeeming said card’s equivalent value based on Bitcoin currency online at the CardToCoin website. As soon as customer details are inputted, Bitcoin funds shall promptly be transferred to the customer’s Bitcoin Wallet. 8pip is also the holding company of CardToCoin.

Plans are currently under motion to allow users on redeeming their cards by utilizing a simple SMS command, thereby making Bitcoins even easier to gain a hold on.


Co-founder of Both Coinpip and 8pip, Anson Zeall,stated that he believes that CardToCoin will cause bitcoins to become even more readily accessible to the general public, and also making it more understandable for those who are having problems on grasping the nature of bitcoins.

“At the moment, Bitcoin or cryptocurrency exchanges are the most common ways to get Bitcoin. The problem is, unless you’re a seasoned stock trader, the process to get Bitcoin is still very complicated and intimidating,” he said. “With CardToCoin, you can simply buy a card with S$20 worth of Bitcoin and then redeem it online with your tablet, phone or PC.”

Further details on CardToCoin retail partners and upcoming 8pip prodcut plans will continued be  announced in the coming two months, so keep an eye out.

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