5Rocks Teams Up With MobileAppTracking to Mobile Attribution in APAC.


5Rocks Teams Up With MobileAppTracking to Mobile Attribution in APAC.

CEO of 5Rocks, Changsu Lee, has recently announced during May 30th that it has managed to enter into a partnership agreement with HasOffers’ MobileAppTracking, North America’s leading mobile attribution analytics product.


5Rock mobile game analytics and operation service has been completely integrated with MobileAppTracking’s (MAT) mobile attribution analytics, such that MAT clients are now having immediate access to the user analytics function that 5Rock offers, no additional set-up necessary. Combining these capabilities allows marketers to better segment user, create more targeted campaigns, and optimize the long term value (LTV) of each user.

Clients will also be able to not only measure performance per advertising channel, but also segment each channel’s user by the desired criteria to analyze application usage patterns. For example, it there are any differences in the main tiem purchase pattern or gameplay behavior between theuser that came in through ad Channel “A” and those that came in through ad channel “B”, developer may create and execute marketing campaign optimized for each channel.

Mobile App Tracking.

MobileAppTracking provides unbiased attribution analytics for performances advertising. MAT tracks the references channels of ad platforms and networks for application marketing and analyzes their performances. MAT allows clients to see the performances of mobil ads in progress through divers media and assists them in devising and executing the ad strategies that shall deliver optimal results. Has Offers operations in over 40 counties worldwide and MAT is leading towards mobile attribution analytics technology the top gaming advertisers.

“HasOffers offers clients even better services through partnerships with the best mobile ad networks and analytic technology companies globally,” 5Rocks CEO Changsu Lee said, “I believe that this partnership is an excellent opportunity for 5Rocks to be introduced to many mobile game developers in the North American region and stand shoulder to shoulder with our global competitors.”

With this recent partnership, 5Rocks is preparing to enter into the North American Market. 5Rocks set out to capture the Japanese marketing during the past September with the opening of a branch offices within Tokyo. The company currently contains a total of 250 clients within South Korea and 80 in Japan, with a total of around 450 clients worldwide. The number of 5Rocks clients in the Southeast Asian market, including within Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, are also increasing.

HasOffers has recently established a branched office within Seoul, headed by Asian Pacific Director Brain Kim, marking down its expansion into the Asia Pacific region.

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