3D Printing Service Kabaku Secures $2M Series A Funding.


3D Printing Service Kabaku Secures $2M Series A Funding.

Kabaku, operators behind a web service that provides an online marketplace where providers can purchase and sell 3d products known as Rinkak, has recently announced that it has manage to gained a total of $2 million in series A financial funding, in order to expand their business within the 3D printing growing markets , which was led by CyberAgent Ventures.

“We will use the funds to enhance its development organization to accelerate service, function, and globalization, in order to rapidly structure and upgrade the platform where creators and companies can conduct production simply by uploading 3D data,” said Kabuku CEO Masahiko Inada.


Rinkak utilizes some highly sophisticated 3D printers in which are capable in printing out some plastics, ceramics, metal, and rubber. The capability to 3D print any kind of design from their websites, means that no stock is actually needed to be maintained and stored within a costly warehouse, which saves much more money then other typical e-commerce business.

“As already seen in the smartphone business, any developers can sell their own applications simply by uploading to the platform,” Inada added. “Similarly in the manufacturing world, Kabuku will create scenes where anyone can easily manufacture, sell and ship their own products simply by uploading 3D data to Rinkak.”


Rinkak has some high hopes on taking the advantage of its currently gargantuan growth opportunity within its markets today. With this recent round of funding announced, Rinkak shall be able to get a large boost within the Japanese market, placing itself as the place for everyone to go when it comes down to 3D printing marketplace.

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