3D Planner App Rolled out for Seoul City Citizens.


3D Planner App Rolled out for Seoul City Citizens.

A man by the name of Mr.Kim visited the Seoul Citizens halls one day in order to enjoy the concert, had turned on a smartphone application by the name of “Seoul Citizens Hall’ at the entrance of the hall. As soon as he took the QR placed on the front entrance, he was positioned in a 3D indoor map of the application.


By setting Baseurak Hall, the concert venue, which was his destination, the application showed the route to the location and estimated arrival time. With this application , he could easily navigate his way through the concert even though he was a total stranger. The Seoul Metropolitan Government have launched out the mobile application by informing the facility information in the halls and route plans through the 3D indoor map.

By becoming aware of the fact that citizens were suffering from inconveniences due to complicated facilities in the hall with more than 20 rooms and hall exhibition, concerts and other kinds of gathering in two basement floors, the city government had introduced the indoor route-planner application with them expecting for their citizens and tourist to use in order to get around the facilities with the application as and information map.

While there may be plenty of navigation and route planner application in the app stores, it’s still the first step in case for searching routes indoors. The “Seoul Citizens Hall” application is the first instance offering and indoor route planner service through the 3D map from the actual images.


Utilizing the 3D map will allow users to check on the facilities without having to visit the actual place. For the project, Seoul hired over 157 people ages from 39 and below, who joined a “New Dea” job offering project the previous year. Besides the citizen hall, they created a 2D indoor map of 105 subway station, 56 public building and two underground shopping malls in Seoul

The city government expects that if the router planner application is applied towards other buildings such as shopping malls, Seoul citizens shall have a much easier time accessing those buildings.

For the time being, the local government will open the database of over 163 indoor 3D maps to the public near the end of this year for the further development of the services with the maps. In a long-term aspect, the city government expects integration of other IT technologies like indoor position measurement, the maps shall bring in new business and promote security of the citizens  in case of an accident, such as fire.

An official at the Seoul government said, “The 3D indoor map not only offers convenience and useful information to citizens but informs escape routes and exits in case of a crisis. We will expand the indoor map databases and open it to the public for other usage for various industrial developments.”

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