36Hrs.in, The Social Discovery And Interactive Traveling Startup.


36Hrs.in, The Social Discovery And Interactive Traveling Startup.

Travel and tourism have been gaining a major growth within the tech startup scene and they continue to see an increasing amount of interest within this sector as of late. 36hrs is one of the new players of traveling sites that helps travelers create itineraries for travel locations and tourist attractions people will visit.

The Works.

Its a pretty simple platform to use. The users simply signs up, creates some boards or itineraries of palaces they have interest in visiting. They can also create a uniquely themed map for the city they reside. If they are traveling to a new place for the very first time or want to know more about it in order to explore, they can search for boards and itineraries created and share by citizens of the city or experts.

During the exact same time, users can also have their friends followed them and keep a watch on their recommendations. The Web application has a decent and very fund interface to browse around, Although, there can be a bit of a trouble when it comes to adding itineraries a couple of times.

36hrs | 36Hrs.in Makes Travel Discovery A Social and Interactive Experience

The Story.

The company was founded by two graduates from IIT Delhi and Harvard, both whom had met during their times as consultants at The Parthenon Group. Jen Blumberg and Ravijot Chugh both have a huge wanderlust and have visited over more than 40 countries across the world.

The idea behind 36hrs first came to Ravi, while planning for a trip down in Singapore when he was using Google Spreadsheet and docs to collect all the travel interest held in the region. While working at the Parthenon Group’s office, Ravi had shard his idea with Jen, who was also looking for a startup business, and instantly agreed. Both believed technology and social media was one of the main benefactors of the traveling sector. Beside from Ravi and Jen, Amit Mondal and Manpreet Khurana are also responsible for front end and back end of 36hrs.

Before the could bring their idea life, it was firstly adopted by the Startup Chile accelerator program. The travel startup’ very first funding came from this same program, which offered them a total of $30,000 in financial funding.

They continued to bootstrap their business and have set plans to raise some funds during the next couple of months. Valued at a total of $100 billion, the travel activity market will have a lot to benefit from. A survey has suggested that most travelers are influenced by testimonials found online.

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