1337 Ventures Creates A Pre-Accelerator Program For Building MVP


1337 Ventures Creates A Pre-Accelerator Program For Building MVP

Incubators are getting more and more competitive by the day. A few years ago, it wasn’t as hard to get into a good incubator, but now all the top incubators have over 1000 applicants each season. A lot of startups do not understand or know why they are getting rejected. Is it because of a bad idea? Is the product not ready yet? 1337 Ventures recently announced a pre-accelerator program named Alpha Startups based in Malaysia.

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1337 Ventures launched this program so that entrepreneurs can plan and get their product ready for an incubator. Through this program, you will learn what makes a good MVP and what are the best practices to bring this MVP to the incubator. You can think of this as a test prep.

This program is a 5 day program put together by 1337 Ventures. During these five days, there will be numerous amount of industry expert mentors mentoring you through the entire process. The program accepts business people as well as designers and programmers. By the end of the 5 day program, the entrepreneurs will have a well prepared plan, pitch deck, strategy, and MVP for presenting to investors and incubators.

People from 1337 Ventures said that, a lot of entrepreneurs and startup fail to get into incubators mainly because they do not have the proper guidance. They also said that, many entrepreneurs have dreams to become successful. They have the energy, the motivation, and the inspiration, but there’s nobody there to help them. 1337 Ventures decided that instead of creating another incubator, they will create a program that will help these entrepreneurs be prepared when it comes to applying for their first incubator.

The program will start on the 19th-23 of May 2014 in Malaysia. If you’re interested in obtaining more information or want to send in an application for your startup email : info@1337ventures.net

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